So many things in so little time

Once again, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted any updates.  The last time I had a free moment to type I was in a hotel room in Entebbe while I was waiting on my flight which was cancelled twice in a two day period.  I arrived home to Roanoke almost 48 hours later than scheduled.  After landing, I hardly ever had a minute to rest.  My first stop in Roanoke was for Mexican food and at CVS for some good shampoo, conditioner, and razor blades (all of which are terrible in Uganda).  The next day I was off again to the Outer Banks for my best friend’s wedding and to visit with my cousin and her family.  After a few days there it was time to head home again.

From that point forward my three weeks in the States passed by at warp speed as I spent time visiting family, friends, churches, Bible studies, youth groups, and women’s groups.  I spoke to each group about different things as the Lord placed on my heart.  I was blown away by the generosity, love and support I received.   Some of these groups even came up with their own projects to support the work happening in Uganda.  I am so thankful for each of the sweet people that put their time, effort and heart into blessing me and the people of Uganda.

Before I knew it, time had passed and I was on the way to the airport again.  After a fun afternoon with my cousins at the Air and Space Museum in Washington DC, I boarded my flight to head back across the Atlantic.  I made a four day stop in Wales to visit a friend and meet the founders of one of our partner organizations, then spent two days in London for a bit of sight seeing.  I don’t think I’ve ever packed so many activities into a one month period!

Needless to say I was exhausted by the time I arrived back in Uganda two and a half weeks ago.  I returned to find my 12 year old buddy Brian happy and content with his new family and doing well in his first few weeks of school.  I really missed him while I was away.  His English has improved, and he is now leading the youth dancers in church instead of following along haphazardly like he was before I left.  I’m so pleased that he now refers to Pastor David and Phiona as Mommy and Daddy.

Also since arriving “home” I’ve helped to host 13 visitors (5 missionaries and 7 med. School students), participated in a Women’s conference where 20 precious people committed their hearts to Jesus, assisted in revising architectural plans for a guesthouse and church in the village, attended a court hearing for a land dispute over that same village property, and seen the smiles of women and children as they were blessed by the fruits of ministries back in Virginia.  Oh and I can’t forget to mention the introduction (engagement) ceremony I attended in full traditional Ugandan attire.   Don’t be confused, the ceremony was not for me!  Each of these events has its own long story that would require a separate blog post to cover all the details.  I hope to tell you more of these stories in the near future.

It is becoming plain to me that God is doing unprecedented things in East Africa and he is using me and a network of many others across the world to carry out His plans.  I am humbled to be part of such a plan.  I am also asking for your prayers.  I need them now more than ever, as I am surely facing resistance from the enemy who is trying to defeat God’s plans.  I need protection, wisdom, and discernment every day and I’m counting on you to help intercede for the land, the people, and the projects that are about to begin.  Please continue to take this journey with me as I step forward into the unknown of God’s mission.  I hope you will find it as exciting and awe inspiring as if you were here with me.  Each prayer that goes up from your heart falls as a footstep on the soil of East Africa.  Each of those footsteps is closely surrounding mine as we follow the Lamp unto our feet and the Light unto our path.


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