Update on Brian

Thank you all for your prayers and for following Brian’s story. There’s good news to report. Brian had surgery two days ago and today is continuing to improve. He had some serious infection and a hole in his intestine from the poison that was in his system. It’s quite a miracle that he made it so long before even having surgery. Brian has new visitors each day as more people hear about his story. An “angel” even paid for the surgery and bought him some comfortable clothes for his recovery. Five more days in the hospital, and then Brian will need to go to a home where he can be cared for as he regains his health and strength. Please be praying that we can identify a trustworthy relative or a loving family for Brian to stay with as he recovers. An orphanage is not an ideal place for a child here in Uganda, but we will have to look at all the options and help the authorities choose the best one for his well being. There’s no doubt God has big plans for this boy’s life. Thank you for being a part of it through prayer!


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